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TextCaster meets your organization's need for an efficient, customizable communication solution that allows you to send unlimited messages to your recipients. Scroll down or click your industry's link to learn more about our powerful, permission-based solution.



(federal, state, counties & municipalities) 

(churches, non-profits & ministries)

(K-12, club, college & recreational sports)

(radio, newspaper & television)

(early childhood, K-12 & colleges)

(small, medium & large businesses)


TextCaster serves hundreds of television stations, newspapers and radio stations by helping them build mobile communities they can reach quickly when news breaks. When severe weather threatens your area, use the automated National Weather Alerts service to quickly notify your subscribers. In addition, news tips, polling and advertiser-sponsored voting interactive campaigns encourage instant interaction with your viewers, listeners and readers.

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Common Uses

  1. Sports Scores & Updates
  2. Breaking News & Local Reports
  3. Severe Weather Alerts &  Daily Forecasts
  4. AMBER Alerts
  5. Traffic Updates
  6. Community Events & Announcements

TextCaster delivers school closings in seconds, the response from viewers was tremendous. Our competitors tried to copy us with other vendors, both failed due to faulty delivery and unreliable information. TextCaster works and has helped us become a vital part of our community.”
— Barry Fulmer, News Director, WDRB-TV, Block Communications, Inc.
Today it’s about being relevant to your community in every way possible. TextCaster serves that purpose. Once it was set it became viral and we watched the participation explode. TextCaster allows us to reach our audience in a non-traditional way. We beat the competition to the punch, and I almost forgot, it generates revenue. As a newspaper today you have to be relevant to be profitable.”
— Sam Fisher, Publisher, Bureau County Republican


TextCaster is used by thousands of schools, from early childhood education, to K-12 schools, to colleges & universities across the United States. Schools keep patrons updated with information including emergencies, closings, early dismissals, event reminders and school team sports scores.

Common Uses

  1. Student Events & Activity Reminders
  2. School Bus Services Communication
  3. Student Athletics Information
  4. Weather-related Cancellations
  5. Teach and Staff Messaging Boards
  6. Emergency Notifications 

We use “Jag Alerts” as a great quick effective way of communicating important reminders and information to our students, staff, and parents. The clubs, teams and other sub-groups get a lot of usage out of it too. For example, Ken Hansen, band director, uses his account daily. With nearly 200+ marching band members and staff, he is often sending out reminders. As a band parent myself, I really appreciate the text messages and information.”
— Pete Grigsby, Administrator and Teacher, Blue Springs School District

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TextCaster is easily configured to meet the demands of any business. The application is used by small, medium, and large businesses to communicate with a mobile workforce. The nature of your messages may range from company closings due to inclement weather, to employee event reminders to being an integral component of an organization's business continuity plan.

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Common Uses

  1. Emergency Alerts
  2. Business Continuity Planning 
  3. Inclement Weather Closings
  4. Company Event Reminders
  5. Internal Staff Communication
  6. Benefits and Health Information

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State and local governments use TextCaster to provide effective day-to-day information about public safety, traffic issues, community events, elections and emergency communication to citizens in their communities. 

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Common Uses

  1. State & Local Elections
  2. Public Safety Notifications
  3. Internal Staff Communication
  4. National Weather Service Alerts
  5. Community Event Information
  6. Emergency Communication

TextCaster has been a great asset in communication with our citizens. We use TextCaster to put out alerts, advisories, and general information. Our most interesting and successful aspect has been Fugitive of the Week. By implementing that program, we have successfully apprehended offenders that without the public’s help we would not be able to locate. By using the Mobile Web feature, being able to display a picture of a suspect is one of the most helpful features of this program.”
— Sgt. Jeremy Cordray, Kirksville Police Department, Kirksville, Missouri
I just wanted you to know that Atchison County (Missouri) has utilized TextCaster through a historical flooding event this year and I can’t imagine working a disaster without it! I love that it is quick, simple, and easy to use. I have sent out alerts and notifications for levee breeches from right out on the levee. Our citizens have grown accustomed to TextCaster and have relied on it heavily through this horrific event in our lives. Thank you so much!”
— Rhonda Wiley, Director of Emergency Management, Atchison County (MO) EMA/911

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Churches & Faith-based Organizations

Ranging from daily devotionals to prayer requests to raising funds, Churches and faith-based organizations are one of the most active users of the TextCaster solution suite.

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Common Uses

  1. Charity Donations
  2. Holy Readings
  3. Daily Devotions
  4. Internal Staff Communication
  5. Prayer Requests
  6. Religious Outreach

TextCaster has empowered us to connect our community with instant information through the use of broadcast texting, podcast hyperlinking, seasonal fundraisers, weekly communication and the creative use of interactive auto-responses during live presentations. Without TextCaster, we would be disconnected from our community.”
— Gene Roncone, Highpoint Ministry Group Highpoint Church (CO)
TextCaster has been key to our strategy of helping people move forward on their spiritual journey through engaging scripture. There is hardly a time of year that we are not engaged in a bible reading plan together as a church. The primary way that people follow along is through the messages sent by TextCaster that contain the bible plan link. We could not recommend TextCaster more enthusiastically!”
— Nate Williams, Restore Community Church (MO)

Sports Teams & Leagues

Parks and recreation departments, sports teams, and leagues of all sizes use TextCaster to stay connected with players, coaches, family, and fans sending timely information like game cancellations, schedule changes, registration deadlines and practice reminders that is relevant to your subscribers.

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Common Uses

  1. Practice Reminders
  2. Game Time & Location Changes
  3. Registration Deadlines
  4. Coach Communication
  5. Team Announcements
  6. Organization & Club Notices