Markets Served

TextCaster meets your organization's need for an efficient, customizable communication solution that allows you to send unlimited messages to your recipients. Scroll down or click your industry's link to learn more about this powerful, permission-based solution.



(federal, state, counties & municipalities) 

(churches, non-profits & ministries)

(K-12, club, college & recreational sports)

(radio, newspaper & television)

(early childhood, K-12 & colleges)

(small, medium & large businesses)



TextCaster serves hundreds of television stations, newspapers and radio stations by helping them build mobile communities they can reach quickly when news breaks. When severe weather threatens your area, use the automated National Weather Alerts service to quickly notify your subscribers. In addition, news tips, polling and advertiser-sponsored voting interactive campaigns encourage instant interaction with your viewers, listeners and readers.

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Common Uses

  1. Daily News Briefings
  2. Severe Weather Warnings
  3. Sports Scores & Updates
  4. Community Events & Announcements
  5. Breaking News & Local Reports
  6. School Closings
  7. Daily Weather Forecasts
  8. AMBER Alerts
  9. Traffic Updates


TextCaster is used by thousands of schools, from early childhood education, to K-12 schools, to colleges & universities across the United States. Schools keep patrons updated with information including emergencies, closings, early dismissals, event reminders and school team sports scores.


Common Uses

  1. Student Events & Activity Reminders
  2. Bus Communication
  3. Student Athletics
  4. Weather-related Cancellations
  5. Teach and Staff Communication
  6. Emergency Notifications 

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TextCaster is easily configured to meet the demands of any business. The application is used by small, medium, and large businesses to communicate with a mobile workforce. The nature of your messages may range from company closings due to inclement weather, to employee event reminders to being an integral component of an organization's business continuity plan.

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Common Uses

  1. Business Continuity Planning 
  2. Inclement Weather Closings
  3. Company Event Reminders
  4. Internal Staff Communication

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State and local governments use TextCaster to provide effective day-to-day information about public safety, traffic issues, community events, elections and emergency communication to citizens in their communities. 

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Common Uses

  1. State & Local Elections
  2. Public Safety Notifications
  3. Internal Staff Communication
  4. National Weather Service Alerts
  5. Community Event Information
  6. Traffic Updates
  7. Emergency Communication

Churches/Faith-based Organizations

Ranging from daily devotionals to prayer requests to raising funds, Churches and faith-based organizations are one of the most active users of the TextCaster solution suite.

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Common Uses

  1. Charity Donations
  2. Holy Readings
  3. Daily Devotions
  4. Internal Staff Communication
  5. Prayer Requests
  6. Religious Outreach

Sports Teams & Leagues

Parks and recreation departments, sports teams, and leagues of all sizes use TextCaster to stay connected with players, coaches, family, and fans sending timely information like game cancellations, schedule changes, registration deadlines and practice reminders that is relevant to your subscribers.

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Common Uses

  1. Practice Reminders
  2. Game Time & Location Changes
  3. Registration Deadlines
  4. Coach Communication
  5. Team Announcements
  6. Organization & Club Notices