Ranging from daily devotionals to prayer requests to raising funds, Churches and faith-based organizations are one of the most active users of the TextCaster solution suite.

Common Uses

  1. Charity Donations
  2. Holy Readings
  3. Daily Devotions
  4. Internal Staff Communication
  5. Prayer Requests
  6. Religious Outreach

TextCaster has empowered us to connect our community with instant information through the use of broadcast texting, podcast hyperlinking, seasonal fundraisers, weekly communication and the creative use of interactive auto-responses during live presentations. Without TextCaster, we would be disconnected from our community.”
— Gene Roncone, Highpoint Ministry Group Highpoint Church, CO

TextCaster has been key to our strategy of helping people move forward on their spiritual journey through engaging scripture. There is hardly a time of year that we are not engaged in a bible reading plan together as a church. The primary way that people follow along is through the messages sent by TextCaster that contain the bible plan link. We could not recommend TextCaster more enthusiastically!”

— Nate Williams, Restore Community Church, MO