TextCaster is used by thousands of schools, from early childhood education, to K-12 schools, to colleges & universities across the United States. Schools keep patrons updated with information including emergencies, closings, early dismissals, event reminders and school team sports scores.

Common Uses

  1. Student Events & Activity Reminders
  2. School Bus Services Communication
  3. Student Athletics Information
  4. Weather-related Cancellations
  5. Teach and Staff Messaging Boards
  6. Emergency Notifications 

We use “Jag Alerts” as a great quick effective way of communicating important reminders and information to our students, staff and parents. The clubs, teams and other sub-groups get a lot of usage out of it too. For example, Ken Hansen, band director, uses his account daily. With nearly 200+ marching band members and staff, he is often sending out reminders, “Don’t forget we are wearing our black shirts tomorrow night under our uniforms.” Or even when the band is on long trips…he will always send a text out later that evening letting parents know what time the buses would be back at the High school. As a band parent myself, I really appreciate the text messages and information.”
— Pete Grigsby, Administrator and Teacher, Blue Springs School District

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