TextCaster is used by thousands of schools, from early childhood education, to K-12 schools, to colleges & universities across the United States. Schools keep patrons updated with information including emergencies, closings, early dismissals, event reminders and school team sports scores.

Common Uses

  1. Student Events & Activity Reminders
  2. School Bus Services Communication
  3. Student Athletics Information
  4. Weather-related Cancellations
  5. Teach and Staff Messaging Boards
  6. Emergency Notifications 

We use “Jag Alerts” as a great quick effective way of communicating important reminders and information to our students, staff, and parents. The clubs, teams and other sub-groups get a lot of usage out of it too. For example, Ken Hansen, band director, uses his account daily. With nearly 200+ marching band members and staff, he is often sending out reminders. As a band parent myself, I really appreciate the text messages and information.”
— Pete Grigsby, Administrator and Teacher, Blue Springs School District

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